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– Hey guys, it’s Jeremy
with Shooters Source.

[00:00:02.00] I wanna talk to you about
your three-gun belt setup.

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[00:00:12.05] (guns firing)

[00:00:18.07] The key thing you wanna look for

[00:00:20.04] in a good three-gun belt is rigidity.

[00:00:23.04] You want it to be very rigid,

[00:00:26.01] where it’s not gonna flop over
when you start hanging gear.

[00:00:28.08] I have the Safariland ELS belt here,

[00:00:31.03] which is my recommendation
for a good belt setup.

[00:00:35.06] It’s a two-piece system.

[00:00:36.09] You have your inner belt,

[00:00:38.07] which goes through your belt loops,

[00:00:40.05] and it has Velcro on the outside of it.

[00:00:43.02] And then the outer belt, the main belt,

[00:00:45.07] has the opposing Velcro on it,

[00:00:48.02] and that wraps around
outside your belt loops.

[00:00:51.06] So the Velcro helps keep everything

[00:00:53.03] nice and tight to the body.

[00:00:54.08] Doesn’t feel like you got a big

[00:00:55.06] hula hoop on ya, if you will.

[00:00:58.03] One reason I like the ELS is,

[00:01:00.02] like I said, it’s very
robust, it’s very rigid.

[00:01:03.04] You can attach a lot of
different things to it.

[00:01:06.00] Whether it’s their ELS system,
or it’s a tech lock or PLM,

[00:01:09.05] whatever you’ve got, or
just a standard belt clip.

[00:01:12.04] The one thing I will mention,

[00:01:14.06] I recommend taking the clasp

[00:01:16.09] and putting it behind your pistol.

[00:01:20.06] Behind your holster.

[00:01:21.07] So if your a right handed guy like me,

[00:01:24.00] put it in the back to
where it clasps, here.

[00:01:28.04] Which leaves you a lot of real
estate up front for caddies,

[00:01:30.07] mag pouches and stuff like that.

[00:01:32.00] So, unlike the way we
normally wear a belt,

[00:01:34.06] where the clasp is matched up
on the button of your pants,

[00:01:37.04] and it’s matched up on
the seam of your shirt.

[00:01:40.01] Putting that in the back,
as weird as it may look,

[00:01:42.02] if you notice, that’s
what 99% of people do,

[00:01:44.05] it goes back there, it just works so easy.

[00:01:47.06] All right, let’s talk
about attachment points.

[00:01:49.07] So there is a couple of different options

[00:01:51.04] that can go on the Safariland belt.

[00:01:53.08] You have your contact
PLM, which is just a,

[00:01:58.01] kinda like a tech lock.

[00:01:59.02] Tech lock works just as well.

[00:02:01.01] But basically it just
clamps over the belt,

[00:02:03.03] and snaps in place, and
you attach your gear.

[00:02:06.08] They got a lot of different
attachment points,

[00:02:08.02] whatever you are running

[00:02:09.00] mag pouches, caddies, whatever it is.

[00:02:11.02] To put this on, simply put
it right over your belt,

[00:02:16.05] clasp it down, and it stays in place.

[00:02:20.03] And if it’s on a shotgun caddy

[00:02:22.06] and you need to get rid of it,

[00:02:23.06] or whatever, you can quickly just

[00:02:25.01] press the button, and it releases.

[00:02:28.02] Another system is the Safariland ELS.

[00:02:31.03] This takes a little bit more time

[00:02:32.06] setting up, but it is much more

[00:02:34.07] consistent and repeatable
during the match.

[00:02:37.06] So there is two pieces, you
got your receiver plate,

[00:02:40.01] and then your male plate.

[00:02:41.08] The receiver plate, the female,

[00:02:44.04] actually lines up with the hole pattern

[00:02:46.05] on the belt, and it comes
with all the hardware you need

[00:02:50.03] to where you can just attach it here.

[00:02:52.01] This stays on your belt.

[00:02:54.07] The male piece goes on
your individual gear.

[00:02:57.07] Your mag pouches, caddies,
whatever it may be.

[00:03:00.08] And it simply just slides in,

[00:03:05.00] and locks in whenever you’re using it.

[00:03:08.02] Get ready to take it off,
simply pinch the bottom two

[00:03:12.02] and it pulls right out.

[00:03:14.06] There is a lot of different
options out there,

[00:03:15.08] like I said, the tech lock style,

[00:03:18.04] the ELS style, belt
clips, whatever it may be.

[00:03:22.08] Anything that can fit over
a one and three quarter

[00:03:24.09] inch belt will be good to go,

[00:03:26.04] and it will be good for this belt.

[00:03:28.09] All right let’s talk about
setting your belt up now.

[00:03:31.02] I recommend since your (cough)

[00:03:34.01] excuse me, your clasp is going
right behind your holster,

[00:03:36.08] start with the holster.

[00:03:38.01] Got a couple good options here.

[00:03:39.05] You’ve got the Weber holster that

[00:03:42.08] has the hood on it, that easily releases,

[00:03:44.08] if you want the level two.

[00:03:46.05] You want something a
little bit more high speed,

[00:03:48.03] than just level one where
it’s being retained by the

[00:03:52.01] trigger guard, L.A.G. is
an awesome choice for that.

[00:03:55.02] So what you want to do is
whichever one you decide

[00:03:58.07] to go with, start with that
and get that positioned

[00:04:02.05] right in front of that clasp
about three or four inches.

[00:04:05.03] Leave a little bit of room for overlap.

[00:04:07.02] That’s very important where that goes

[00:04:10.07] because that needs to be repeatable

[00:04:12.00] every time you put it on.

[00:04:12.08] So get that going.

[00:04:15.02] Next, I’d say work this way,
which is if you’re right handed

[00:04:19.01] you’re working around your
body is what we’re gonna do.

[00:04:20.09] That way everything is repeatable,

[00:04:22.01] it’s always in the same spot for ya.

[00:04:24.00] Next is your shotgun caddies.

[00:04:25.08] Got some Taccom 12s4’s,
which basically is,

[00:04:29.07] it holds 12 rounds and
is setup for quad loading

[00:04:32.04] so they’re all very close together.

[00:04:35.07] Even if you’re not quad loading yet,

[00:04:37.04] you probably will be, I would
still recommend something

[00:04:41.01] where they are all stacked together

[00:04:42.08] because you can still come in
and grab just two at a time,

[00:04:45.05] for now, but when you
progress to quad loading

[00:04:48.01] you do not need to go
out and by more caddies.

[00:04:50.04] These will suit you just fine.

[00:04:52.02] Good economical choice, they
stand behind their product

[00:04:55.04] so it’s good stuff.

[00:04:56.06] So I would take your first caddy

[00:04:59.01] and put as close to
that holster as you can.

[00:05:02.04] Keepin’ in mind, when it’s laid out flat,

[00:05:05.03] they’re gonna seem a little bit close,

[00:05:07.03] but if you realize when you start wrapping

[00:05:09.06] that around your body,

[00:05:10.05] it’s gonna kinda spread
it out a little bit.

[00:05:12.04] So don’t worry about that too much.

[00:05:15.06] I always recommend being able to carry

[00:05:17.02] at least 24 on your belt.

[00:05:19.00] Some stages you’re gonna need
more and you can add to it

[00:05:21.01] down the road, borrow your buddies,

[00:05:22.04] whatever you may wanna do.

[00:05:24.03] But get those set up.

[00:05:26.00] Now when it comes to the
angle of your caddies,

[00:05:29.08] it’s very important that
no matter if you’re loading

[00:05:32.09] two or four, with your
right hand or left hand,

[00:05:36.02] you want your wrist to stay straight.

[00:05:39.00] So if you’re loading over your shoulder

[00:05:41.04] and you’re stuffin’ them here,

[00:05:43.09] you want your wrist to stay straight

[00:05:45.03] so when you come down to your belt

[00:05:47.03] you’re not having to turn.

[00:05:48.02] Just economy of motion.

[00:05:49.01] You want to keep that wrist straight.

[00:05:50.09] So whatever angle you load your shotgun,

[00:05:53.00] is what they need to be.

[00:05:54.00] So if you’re right
handed and you’re loading

[00:05:55.06] with your right hand,
this is kinda the angle

[00:05:57.06] you’re gonna want it
cause now it comes out

[00:05:59.03] and it goes in the gun.

[00:06:01.03] If you’re flipping it
over and your loading with

[00:06:03.03] your left hand, you’re gonna
want just the opposite.

[00:06:06.02] You’re gonna want them
canted something like that.

[00:06:09.08] To where when you grab it,
it goes straight in, okay.

[00:06:13.07] So figure that part of it out.

[00:06:17.00] Moving on is pistol mag pouches.

[00:06:19.05] I recommend having,

[00:06:21.04] easily carry three
pistol mag pouches on ya.

[00:06:24.08] Especially if you’re starting
out and you got 17 round mags,

[00:06:27.08] 19 round mags, or for those bigger stages,

[00:06:30.03] it doesn’t cost you anything
to have extra ammo on you.

[00:06:33.05] That’s the one thing that I see people,

[00:06:35.08] they’ll get through a stage
and not have enough ammo.

[00:06:38.04] It’s not costing you
anything to have extra.

[00:06:40.01] So I recommend having three.

[00:06:42.05] Couple options, you’ve
got your Weber Tactical,

[00:06:45.03] and then you’ve got your L.A.G. Tactical.

[00:06:46.09] They’re both really good.

[00:06:48.02] Weber has and adjustment point
here, it can run multiple.

[00:06:50.08] Same thing with here, L.A.G.
will fit several different

[00:06:54.05] Palmer style magazines.

[00:06:56.06] For this one,

[00:06:57.09] we carry a 2011 model
that you can fit in there.

[00:07:01.05] So once your caddies are in place,

[00:07:04.03] start stacking your mag pouches.

[00:07:07.05] Same thing again, I recommend
having these touching.

[00:07:11.09] When it’s laying flat, just like that,

[00:07:15.03] cause remember when you
wrap it around your waist

[00:07:16.08] it’s gonna spread it out some.

[00:07:18.00] You’re gonna have plenty of room

[00:07:19.01] if you’ve got extensions on
it, and things like that.

[00:07:23.07] And so now the pistols are
done, those are good to go.

[00:07:26.08] The last thing that I
recommend is one AR mag pouch.

[00:07:30.09] Again, we got the Weber,
L.A.G., Safariland,

[00:07:34.03] lot of good ones out there.

[00:07:35.03] These are just the ones
we happen to recommend.

[00:07:37.06] That I’ve played with.

[00:07:38.08] They’ve stood up and I
haven’t torn any of it up yet,

[00:07:41.06] which is saying a lot cause
I’m pretty rough on my stuff.

[00:07:44.06] Last thing is, AR mag pouch right there.

[00:07:49.00] Now with all this, there’s a
world of attachments out there

[00:07:52.08] that we went over earlier.

[00:07:54.00] You can do the ELS,
these are all compatible

[00:07:56.02] with everything that
we’ve got laid out here.

[00:08:00.02] So that’s how I recommend setting it up.

[00:08:02.06] Now this is something
you’re gonna set aside

[00:08:04.02] and hour or two to make
sure you get it right.

[00:08:07.00] But understand once you
shoot your first match,

[00:08:10.01] you may find little fine tune adjustments

[00:08:11.09] you’re gonna need to make.

[00:08:12.09] It’s part of the evolution.

[00:08:14.08] After three or four uses,

[00:08:16.02] it’ll be rock solid in the same place.

[00:08:18.02] You’ll figure out what works best for you.

[00:08:21.00] So to end it, lastly, I wanna say,

[00:08:23.05] you do not need all of this stuff.

[00:08:25.06] (chuckles)

[00:08:26.04] This gear is not gonna
make you a better shooter.

[00:08:28.08] Practice makes you a better shooter.

[00:08:30.04] This makes it very convenient at matches.

[00:08:32.04] This makes everything,

[00:08:33.06] (coughs)

[00:08:34.07] excuse me, very repeatable.

[00:08:35.09] It’s in the same place when
you grab shotgun caddies,

[00:08:38.01] pistol mags, rifle mags.

[00:08:40.05] So I highly encourage you,

[00:08:42.02] if you’re just getting into the sport,

[00:08:43.05] do not go out and buy a
lot of stuff at first.

[00:08:46.03] See what other guys
are using at the range,

[00:08:48.03] ask them questions,
get feedback from them.

[00:08:50.06] You’ll find that competitive shooters

[00:08:54.07] are extremely generous.

[00:08:56.01] They will take their belt
off, let you try it on,

[00:08:58.06] see if you like it.

[00:08:59.04] Test out different things about it.

[00:09:02.01] So choose wisely cause it’s a
pretty gear intensive sport,

[00:09:07.00] and there’s two ways of doing it.

[00:09:08.01] You can buy a bunch of stuff
and then you’ll be like me,

[00:09:10.09] 10 years later you got a closet
full of stuff you don’t use.

[00:09:13.08] Or you can do it the wise
way and get a little bit of

[00:09:16.00] feedback and get it in there.

[00:09:19.00] Hope this helps you kinda
get started on setting up

[00:09:21.00] your three gun belt.

[00:09:21.08] If you’ve got any questions,
shoot me an email,

[00:09:23.05], be
happy to answer any questions

[00:09:26.03] and kinda help guide you
in the right direction

[00:09:27.08] on getting it set up.

[00:09:28.09] What would be right for you.

[00:09:30.07] (upbeat rock music)