Average Joes

PJake brought Jimmy Rodriguez (@jimsgoonlife) and Fred Hawkins (@fred_hawkins) on to talk about the Average Joes movement. What is it, why they are doing it, and what are some things people should be focusing on at home and at the range. Fun and interesting conversation with these gentleman. Give this one a listen!

0:00 – What is Average Joes?, 2:50 – The Showers, 4:55 – Why did you start Average Joes?, 9:05 – What does an Average Joes Super Rad Range Day look like??, 15:50 – What are your backgrounds?, 22:45 – What are 3 skills individuals to focus on?, 33:15 – When is the next Average Joes SRRD?, 35:00 – Average Joes across America, 44:00 – Where are y’all traveling to next?, 51:10 – Where can they find the Average Joes videos, highlights and drills?

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