Carbon Arms Pinwheels and Backbones fall more heavily on the high retention side of the speed – retention spectrum and therefore give up some speed. Because of the unique modular design shooters can get maximum shell density and retention for long, heavy terrain stages when they can’t lose a simple shell.

Carbon Arms Pinwheels

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Current Shooters

  • Nick Atkinson
  • Don Bednorz
  • Kayla Boblick
  • James Casanova
  • Cole Closs
  • Anthony Cruz
  • Cheyenne Dalton
  • Cameon Eisenzimmer
  • Thom Farrell
  • Deane Graves
  • Scott Greene
  • Doug Johnson
  • Janna Reeves
  • Tiffany Venters
  • Lisa Marie Judy
  • Daniel Jirasek
  • Ben Jirasek
  • Patrick Kelley
  • Tate Moots
  • Mark Passamaneck
  • Michael Payne
  • Sydney Rockwell
  • Devin Sager
  • Mark Selby
  • Jennifer Herd Seymour
  • Dave Sevigny
  • Jeff Snope