Getting into Long Range

Episode Summary

On this episode Jake Mizell chats with Long Range Shooting instructor Sean Little over how folks can get started in Long Range Shooting. Sean talks about everything from the definition of long range shooting, to a basic set up for a beginner, and even how to get into long range shooting without breaking the bank account. Give this one a listen and share with a buddy.

Episode Notes

0:55 – Background of Sean, 7:00 – What type of long range do you teach?, 7:50 – What is long range shooting?, 13:10 – What is a basic rifle set up for long range?, 15:50 – What is a good optic for a basic set up?, 21:25 – What does an advanced set up look like?, 25:20 – What type of experience do you need to begin long range shooting?, 28:35 – What do I need to change on my basic hunting set up to run my rifle to ‘long range’ distances?, 31:15 – What is the best way for me to get into long range?, 36:25 – Fieldcraft Survival classes

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