We appreciate your interest in hosting a class at our range! We have several bays and mid to long range areas available for rent day or night.

STEP 1: Check out the range facilities and decide which Area you’d like to rent.

STEP 2: Fill out the form at the bottom of this page completely

STEP 3: We will call as soon as possible to discuss the costs, dates and details. Once we have your class on the books you’ll receive a second form to check off what props you’d like set up and the design. Our staff will set everything up for you two days in advance.

STEP 4: You’ll then receive a picture via text of your class set up to make sure it was done correctly. Our range is on a 3,000 acre ranch and can sometimes be confusing to some, even  with all the directional signs that are in place. For this reason, we also email you a map that  you can send your students to guide them to the correct area. 

We look forward to having you out here!


Shooting Bays

  • Multiple 30×30 yard bays
    • 600 square feet of covered area for gathering (no shooting)
    • Parking within 50 yards
  • 1 40×40 yard bay
    • 750 square feet of covered area for gathering (no shooting)
    • Paring within 15 yards


  • Berms from 200-1,000 yards with berms every 100 yards.
  • Each berm has a 4, 3, 3 and  2 MOA size target at it (4 targets total).
  • Unknown distance targets from 200-500 yards. Varying size targets.
  • Site in lane that paper can be hung at 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards.
  • Additional Steel targets can be placed. Additional fees may apply.


  • Up to 15 Paper Target Stands Stapler + Staples or up to 15 AR500 Steel targets
  • B27 Paper or Cardboard, USPSA Cardboard targets- $1.25 each.
  • Tan Target Tape Roll- $5 each
  • Vehicles to shoot from- $50 per vehicle
  • Up to 8 VTAC Barricades
  • 50 gallon plastic barrels and walls with Snow Fence
  • 10’x10’ Tent- $15 each- set up and nailed down per your design


  • Flexible size classroom
  • Includes Tables, Chairs, Projector and screen
  • Has AC/Heat
  • Has Restroom