Project Description

Cinco de Plinko is a multi gun team match benefiting Vets Xtreme.

Vets Xtreme Mission is to help America’s combat-wounded veterans reintegrate into society after proudly serving our nation. Through recreational therapy, they provide an outlet for adventure as well as the unique comradery and connection that all veterans share. With a wide array of therapy options, they customize each session to the veteran’s specific needs and desires. They connect veterans with a network of resources, including hunting and fishing guides, healthcare specialists, job placement and training experts, and professional counselors, all at no expense to the veteran.

Each team’s time is comprised of two shooters who will each shoot 5 stages. The combined time from each shooter will be the team score.



Teams may choose to compete in the 2 Gun (Pistol/AR) or 3 Gun (Pistol/AR/Shotgun) Division. Both team members will need to shoot in the same division.

There’s no Equipment rules- Optics on all guns, Suppressors, Bipods, are all good to go!
2 Gun- AR .223/5.56 or 308 only / Pistol- 9, 40 or 45
3 Gun- AR .223/5.56 or 308 only / Pistol- 9, 40 or 45 / Shotgun- 12 Gauge Pump or Semi Auto
PCC- Use your PCC anywhere you want, except long range. Must have an AR for long range. Essentially, you can shoot the entire match with your PCC and AR. You can use a Pistol too.


Caliber no smaller than .223 no larger than 30 cal. (No Steel Core, AP or Incendiary Rounds allowed. FMJ, Hollow Point and Soft Point are ok).

Iron sights, non-magnified and magnified optic(s) are allowed.

Magazine extensions and drums are allowed.

Slings aren’t required.


Caliber from 9mm, 40 or 45acp.

Iron sights and Red Dots are allowed.

Magazines no longer than 141.25mm (For references: A Standard 17 round Glock magazine with a +6 Extension is 141.25mm.)


12 or 20 Gauge Only.

Box or Tube Fed

Iron Sights and Red Dots are allowed.

No Round capacity.

Belt & Belt Gear

Holster- Must retain the pistol during vigorous movement and cover the trigger guard.

Belt: A strong sturdy belt is recommended.

Mag Pouches: At least 2 Pistol and 1 Rifle magazine pouch is suggested.

Shotgun Caddy: Capability of holding 12 rounds on your belt is suggested.

Round Count: (This is the approx. minimum if you don’t miss…BRING EXTRA!

3 Gun Division

Rifle: 60

Pistol: 60

Birdshot: 40

Slugs: 3

2 Gun Division​ and PCC (2 Gunners will be required to shoot the steel plates that 3 Gunners shot with shotgun. You guys aren’t shooting less, just more pistol than 3 gunners)

Rifle: 60

Pistol: 103

What to Expect:

The event to run on time. We shoot with or without you. Please be on time.

7:00 – 8:30 Gates Open & Sign In

8:45 Shooters Meeting

9:00 Event Begins

3:00 – 4:00 Event Ends

Rifle Shots out to 300 yards. Pistol Shots out to 50 yards.

When you register, it’s up to you to Squad yourself. The day of the event, you will stay with your squad as you shoot each stage.

Cost is $200 per team of 2. This is for both shooters, no each.


There are no Refunds for any reason. If you pay and register and can’t make the vent, we will consider it a generous donation.

It is the shooters responsibility to find a team mate and squad on the same squad. A Team must be 2 shooters only. Any more or less shooters will not be allowed to compete. If your team mate withdraws, it’s your responsibility to find another one. We simply don’t have the time to play match maker.

Fun, laughter and a good time with like minded people!