Project Description

If climbing obstacles, running with a rucksack on, carrying heavy things, and shooting from unconventional positions excites you, then The Tactical Games is for you!
The Tactical Games SKIRMISH is the first ever event in a series of local level events that prepares you for the Major Tactical Games held around the nation.


What is the difference between a professional baseball player, pro-football player, or basketball player and a tactical athlete? Professional sports players get an offseason. Tactical athletes, however, are on point 24/7/365 with No Off Season!  A Green Beret, SEAL, or Delta Operator doesn’t have the luxury of taking a day off. They don’t get to say, “I’m just not into it today!” They are constantly deploying or preparing to deploy.

The Tactical Games were created to provide a venue to test the skills and readiness of tactical athletes from all backgrounds. Whether you are military, LEO or a civilian gun enthusiast you can compete in The Tactical Games.


Existing shooting competitions fail to comprehensively capture the essence of what a tactical athlete is and what he does. For a tactical athlete, fitness is a means, not an end. Fitness allows a tactical athlete to get to the fight, perform at a high level, execute the mission, and get back home safely, despite the conditions or terrain. The Tactical Games will embody this type of challenge, and bring it to the world in a measurable and testable format. In short, we will make combat a spectator sport!

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The Tactical Games Skirmish are held every 3rd Saturday of the month at Triple C Range in Cresson, TX.

We ask that all Athlete register using the following link. This allows us to make sure we have enough weights and implements for everyone. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Elite, Intermediate, Masters, Women.

You can always changed divisions when you arrive at the range. Here’s the Basics:

Elite- You’re an experienced Athlete and accomplished shooter- Very few men actually belong in this division.

Intermediate- You work out a couple times a week and shooting isn’t bad.- This is the most popular division.

Masters- 45 and older.

Women-Well, you’re a woman by birth.

If you’re unsure of which division you should be in, CLICK HERE to go to The Tactical Games website.



The following requirements are in place to ensure safety above all other factors, but to also level the field for competitors.  We understand that gear makes a difference.  We also understand that you can use certain types of gear to hide poor technique or lack of skill.  At the Tactical Games we wish to test skills, not one’s ability to buy expensive gear.  So, we restrict the weapons systems to make this happen.  The information below outlines what we allow and what we do not allow at The Tactical Games.


We do not specify the clothing or footwear an athlete chooses to wear.  We highly encourage rugged footwear and clothing to protect the athletes as they move through the prescribed Battles.

During most Battles, athletes will be wearing plate carriers, pistol belt, and rifle with sling.  This varies slightly battle to battle. Specific instructions will be given prior to each Battle.

All plate carriers will meet a minimum weight requirement. An athlete does not have to have plates in their plate carriers as long as the weight is achieved. An athlete’s plate carrier must meet minimum weight requirements before adding magazines and ammunition.

  • Men’s plate carriers must be 15lbs or heavier.

  • Women’s plate carriers must be 12 lbs or heavier.

At the Games, we will check the weight of athlete’s plate carriers/body armor.  We reserve the right to make spot checks at any time throughout the event, and if an athlete is found to be “running light” it can be grounds for disqualification.


A Holster that retains the pistol during movement. A Level 2 is recommended but not required.

The ability to hold 5 pistol and 5 rifle magazines at the same time. This can be accomplished from the use of pouches on the belt line or plate carrier or pockets.


  • 5.56mm/.223 rifles are the allowed platforms at The Tactical Games

  • An AR platform, a Steyr Aug, Tevor, or whatever the athlete wants to use is allowed, provided it is a 5.56/.223 platform.

  • Red Dot Sights are allowed on the rifle. EOTech, Aimpoint, etc. are allowed.

  • Flip over magnifiers are good to go.

  • Scopes are good to go.
  • An athlete can run whatever “furniture” on the gun he/she wishes. Hand guards, foregrips, etc.

  • Suppressors/Cans are allowed, as long as the athlete has the proper paperwork for the suppressor. That is completely the responsibility of the athlete.

  • Back-up Iron sights are required. Offset Iron sights are required if you’re running either an etched reticle 1x optic or a scope.

  • Slings on the weapons are required. The amount of equipment an athlete carries, walls climbed, tunnels crawled through, and obstacles negotiated, require that an athlete have a sling on their weapon.  We recommend a two-point sling.

  • NO special loads for the rifle. Standard ammunition is required.  Whatever the athlete zeroes their gun with, 55gr, 72gr….. is fine.  Match grade ammo is fine.

  • Compensators on Rifle are not allowed. The ONLY muzzle device you may use is an A2, Stretched A2, 3/4 pronged or supressor. Notice we didn’t say “style of” or have any vaguness in our terms. If it’s not one of the ones we just listed, it IS NOT allowed.

  • AR Pistols, SBRs, etc are acceptable

  • No penetrators or armor piercing rounds. So, please do not use Green Tip ammo or any round that Is traveling faster than 3,000 f.p.s.


  • Generally, a stock pistol is required.

  • 9mm, .40, or .45 calibers are allowed. No other calibers.

  • No red dot sights on pistols, no electronic sights, no holographic sights.

  • Fiber Optic sights are allowed.

  • A lighter trigger is allowed

  • A mounted flashlight is allowed.

  • Extended magazines are allowed.

  • Replacement guide rods are fine.

  • Flared magazine wells are acceptable.


We recommend bringing 100 rounds of pistol and 100 rounds of rifle ammunition.


Bring 5 rifle magazines and 5 pistol magazines


Third Saturday of Every month.


Triple C Range

14333 Cleburne Highway

Cresson, TX 76035

Gates open at 7:30 am

Safety Brief: 8:15

Warm Up: 8:30

Battles Begin: 9:00


See The Tactical Games website for a complete list of detailed rules. CLICK HERE for the link.