Project Description



(Recommended)-Register and Pay Online by CLICKING HERE
Register and Pay when you arrive at the range. Cash or Credit Card only.
Event Fee: $35 for your first gun, $20 for each additional gun.


2nd Saturday and Sunday of every month. It’s a one day match that are held both days. This allows our shooters to attend and coordinate with life’s schedule. You can check OUR CALENDAR for any cancellations or updates.

8:00: – 12:00: Open Squadding Match. Show up anytime between 8am and 12:00 pm, sign in and start shooting. No new shooter registration after 12:00.

When you enter the front gate, follow the Black Arrows on the speed limit signs 4.1 miles back to the bays. Turn left at the “Shooting Competition” sign and park behind the bays. Walk in the bays and you’ll see a Registration banner. This is where you will check in.


  • Pistol: Production, Limited, Open
  • Rimfire: Rifle, Pistol
  • PCC
  • Shotgun: Limited, Open


Shooters will be classified based on the percentage of score, in their division, as compared to the top shooter at each match. All shooters default to Marksman until they have shot 3 matches. Then it is the average of your total match scores.

Divisions recognized for points will be: Rimfire, Pistol Open, Pistol Limited and PCC

There will be 3 classes of shooter:

Expert– 80%-100%
Intermediate – Above 51%-79%

Marksman – 50% or less

A Marksman will move up to Intermediate once their average score is between 51%-79%

An Intermediate will move up to Expert once their average score is 80% or above

Trophies: Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 shooters in each class at the end of the year.

Series Matches will be from January 1- December. Trophies will be awarded at the December match, which is the final match of the series.


  • 5-6 Stages
  • Average round count: 100- Lowered as of September 2020 due to ammo availability


All of our scores are posted online: CLICK HERE to view them.