TTI Firepower Base Pad Kit for GLOCK.

– The +5/6 Base Pad includes a +10% stronger spring with purchase.

– Overall weight 1.6oz.

– Length, 1 1/2 inch front side, 3/4 inch on back side.

– Will work on all full size double stacked GLOCKs.

– Patented proven push pin design.

– Super easy to attach and detach from the magazine.

– No specialty tools or devices required to disassemble.

– One piece design, no extra parts to possibly lose during disassembly.

– Fits the USPSA 140mm gauge.

– Ideal for full size magazines.

– Holds 20+1 rounds of 40S&W.

– Holds 23+1 rounds of 9mm.

– The added weight helps the magazine drop free easily for faster reloads.

– CNC machined from billet aluminum.

– Hard Anodized.

– Made in the USA.

**Will not work on GLOCK 19 magazines**

*Remove the metal insert at the bottom before installation*

*Will not function with early generation Glock mags that have u-notch cut feed lips*