For Glock & Colt Pattern

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Black Interior w/ Black Exterior

The Weber Tactical Gamer line PCC magazine pouch is a precision molded mag pouch specifically designed to hold extended magazines commonly used for Pistol Caliber Carbines. The Gamer line PCC magazine pouch covers more of the magazine than a standard magazine pouch to account for the weight of magazines holding 50 + rounds. PCC is a fast moving sport and we knew we had to develop a magazine pouch to stand up to the challenges of moving with speed and agility without losing magazines on the stage.

The Gamer line PCC magazine pouches have a speed and indexing cut on the front of the pouch which positions the shooters index finger in the proper place every time for the quickest reloads. The Gamer line PCC magazine pouch is designed to sit lower on the belt mount so the magazine is not so high on the belt that it can’t be drawn properly. The Gamer Line PCC mag pouch is designed with a universal mount that allows the magazine to be canted or mounted almost horizontal on the belt.

The MRD inside the Weber Tactical Gamer PCC Magazine Pouch allows the shooter to set their desired retention level without having to worry about the mag falling out. Designed to the push the magazine forward in the pouch, rather than pinching it from the side, MRD is a retention device that stands the rigors of competition, match, after match.

The MRD requires a ⅛” Allen wrench to adjust the retention. The beauty of the MRD is that there is a locking washer in the design to keep the screw from moving once it’s set. This means you can shoot for an entire season and never worry about the retention level of your mag pouch changing.