Tactical Games Belt System transcript:

– Hey guys, it’s Jeremy
with Shooters Source.

I wanted to go over my
Tactical Games belt,

what I use, and why I’m usin’ it.

(upbeat music)

I have no affiliation with these guys,

so this is a good, honest review.

I chose this gear.

I paid and bought with
this gear, my own money.

But it’s the best and
it’s what works for me.

I’ve tried quite a bit a stuff.

I’ll probably continue to try stuff.

But, starting with the belt.

This is an esstac belt,

with the COBRA Buckle.
(belt latch clicking)

There’s a lot of good ones out there.

The key thing I think you’re looking for

is something that’s good and rigid.

If you notice, I am not collapsing these.

So when I put it on, it
stays tight to the body.

It has

inner VELCRO that matches up

with the VELCRO inner belt that
goes through the belt loops.

And, as I’ll show you here in a minute,

this just goes around the outside of it.

I went with the esstac Kywis.

It’s what they’re called.

Basically, it’s nylon on the outside

with the Kydex insert
wedge that just wedges.

If I can do that.

It just wedges in so it collapses
and holds the magazines.

So, I got three pistol, two rifle.

Now one thing I will say
on these, my experience is

when I put a metal GI mag in there,

the mag catch on it is so sharp

that it dug into the Kydex insert,

and it was a mother to get it out.

So, for that reason, I just
take the regular MAGPUL PMAGs.

Any kind of polymer mag’ll work.

Hexmax, Lancers are great.

Whatever you got.

So, three pistol, two rifle.

Moving back.

I chose the Maxpedition Mega,

which is, by a lotta
people’s account, oversized.

But, the way everything is
moving in The Tactical Games now,

you’re having to police all your magazines

before your time stops.

I’m not a fan of going back in my belt

with the empty magazine.

Not for tactical reasons.

Because I’ll get confused.

I’ll grab an empty out racket
when it’s costing me time.

So, if it’s not full,
I’m just reaching back

and throwing it in here.

This one is big enough to hold five rifle

and five pistol magazines,

which is the max required
at any Tactical Games.

You’ll never have to have
more than that as of now.

So, it easy lets me throw it in there.

It’s deep enough

to where all the magazines
kind of settled to about here.

So, when I’m running, when I’m prone,

they’re not coming out.

There’s nothing worse than getting

back to the finish line
thinking you’re done,

and you got to run 100 yards
to go retrieve magazines

that fell out of your dump
pouch or fell out of wherever.

That’s time on the clock

that you’re giving all the athletes.

So, there’s a lot of good
dump pouches out there.

This is one that I’ve been
playing with for a while.

So far, I’m very happy with it.

I thought the size was going
to be an issue but it’s not.

For me anyway.

I’m 220 pounds.

And, for me, it’s not.

Moving around, I’ve got a
couple extra and, all fairness,

this is nothing more than
me geeking out a little bit.

That’s where my phone goes.

I’ve got a bad habit of dipping,
that’s where my dip goes.

Just to be completely honest (laughs).

Moving on.

I’ve got a supporting QLS here.

And I’ll grab the holster in a minute,

but I’m running an ALS holster
and that goes in there.

So, let’s strap it on

and kind of show you how it works.

So, because the VELCRO
attaches, one quick thing

on the esstac, I’m
running all the belt loops

instead of the MOLLE.

And so for that reason,
I had a lot of space here

that the Velcro was not attaching from

(VELCRO scratching)

the outer belt to the inner belt.

So, I just ran a hardware
store, found some VELCRO

that had the double stick
back ran right here.

So, that’s what that is.

That way I got contact pretty
much all the way around.

I know for me it starts
right in the middle there.

And then as we pull it around,

it comes up

and cinches there.

That keeps all my mags
up here where I need ’em.

Holster right where it needs to be.

And this thing is secure.

It doesn’t bounce around.

I haven’t had a problem with it,

kind of rubbing the hips, if you will.

I know a lot of guys are
runnin’ the padded belts.

Nothing wrong with that.

Just my personal experience with those,

they tend to bounce after a
while, even the good ones.

Maybe I just didn’t have
it adjusted correctly.

So, I chose to go with this one.

Like I mentioned before,

(fabric rubbing)

I went with the Blue
Force Gear high speed,

or Ten-Speed Mag Pouches here.

The downside is if I got to go back in it,

which, like I said, I don’t,
but if you choose to do that,

a lot of guys do not run dump pouches.

They just pull this magazine out,

they shoot it and it goes back in.

It’s a two-handed operation
because it’s tight.

Whereas here, they easily go in

and they’re very secure.

They’re not coming out.

So, when I get ready to take it out,

it’s a pretty good pull.

But they’re there when I need it.

And that, to me is the
most important part.

Same thing with pistol.

Pistol goes in.

It’s good.

So, if you notice I mentioned
earlier on the dump pouch,

the max number of mags
you’ll be required to carry

is five pistol, five rifle.

I’ve got two rifle places here, two here.

So normally, if I need one,

I will throw that fifth
one just in my back pocket,

or my cargo pants, wherever it may be.

And then I get two pistol here,

three pistol here for a total of five.

So, for me this works,
it gives me what I need.

It’s not too often you’re gonna
have to have five and five.

I always fill my belt first,
and then come up to here.

I know some folks like
to work out of this.

I don’t want all this extra
weight kind of collapsing me.

I’d rather have it around my hips

where kind of let the
skeletal muscles do its job

and let everything stack up.

It just feels a lot better.

Last piece of gear is holsters.

I chose the Safariland ALS holster.

I ran this one for years; I love it.

It’s a level two retention.

If you’re not familiar, what that is

level one retention is just where

the gun snaps into the holster

and it’s retained by the trigger guard

just the indent that
the manufacturers make.

Level two makes you actually
have to activate something.

So, for this one
(gun slides in holster)

gun goes in,

it’s not coming out no matter what.

Until I manually activate

something by pulling this lever back,

which is just kind of
part of my natural draw.

There’s some other level two
holsters out there, as well.

This is just one that works for me.

Safariland makes the ALS.

They make a GLS, which
has a release down here.

I’m not a big fan of those,
if I’m being 100% honest.

I’ve seen slings come up when
you’re unslinging your rifle.

Hit that, the gun goes flying out.

You’re done.

So, doesn’t have to be level two.

But, I encourage it.

It doesn’t slow your draw down any

when you run in one like this.

And then I have it on a
QLS system, just snaps in.

And it’s there.

So it makes withdrawals still quick,

and the gun stays in when
I want it to stay in.

So, if you got any
questions on the belt gear,

like I said, there’s a lot
of good options out there.

This is just kind of what
I chose to run right now.

If you’re kind of confused on
what to do, what not to do,

feel free to shoot me an email
at shoot@shooterssource.com.

Be happy to answer your
email, answer your questions,

try to get you guided
in the right direction.

If you’re local to the
area, swing on by the store.

We’ll get you outfitted and
let you kinda test things

and play with ’em to make
sure it’s what you want.

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