– Hey guys, it’s Jeremy
with Shooters Source.

I wanted to talk about the plate carrier

I am using for The Tactical Games.

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This is the Blue Force Gear PLATEminus.

Now, if you notice how thin it is,

even with the plates in there,

that is about an inch thick.

One of the reasons I chose this one

is I don’t wear body armor for a living

on a daily basis so
when I started competing

in Tactical Games,

I wanted something that was very slim,

very low profile.

I think honestly these
are made for covert work.

But I didn’t want the extra
bulk of trying to maneuver

around obstacles and
having a big bulky vest.

It’s very lightweight,

it’s the 15 pounds that
Tactical Games require.

Just a simple bungee on each side,

and it is locked in.

So as you can see, it’s tight to the body,

but I can still easily breathe.

The elastic here, very thin.

The one thing it doesn’t come
with are the shoulder pads,

and I know I’m gonna get
some grief for this but

you go on a 3 mile run and
it starts rubbing on you,

so I added shoulder pads to it

so that’s something to consider.

Getting into it,

kinda going back to when I was searching

and researching for what to
wear in The Tactical Games,

I’m not used to the bulk,

so I wanted to keep everything
as low profile as I could.

Let me throw this out there,

I am in no way affiliated
with Blue Force Gear.

I paid for this just
straight up off their website

so there’s no bias in here.

But I did go with their ten-speed pouches,


I can hold two rifle and two pistol on it.

But when they’re not needed,

they’re not mag pouches
that are sticking out

a couple of inches creating
bulk when I’m prone

or anything like that.

It keeps it very slim.

I just use a simple carabiner,

threw some gloves on there.

Sometimes you’re crawling through some

less than desirable places or you may find

you need them for a rope
climb or moving stuff.

It’s good just to have them hanging there,

just kinda dangling,

they’re there if I need them.

You’re normally gonna know before battle

if you’re gonna want them or not.

I just threw some of those on there.

And then an admin pouch.

Not totally necessary.

The only reason I even have this up here,

on some events or some battles

you gotta take off running
and you’re gonna be running,

usually it’s an unknown distance
but lets say it’s 2 miles.

I don’t like silence, so for me,

I keep my phone right
there with my earbuds.

As soon as I’m done shooting

I’ll pull out my hearing protection,

pull my earbuds out,

stick ’em in,

I’ve got music while I’m running.

I got something drowning out the sound

of me dying while I’m running
’cause anybody that knows me,

running is not my specialty.

But that’s what that’s for.

Like I said, you don’t have to have it,

you don’t have to have any of this.

When it comes to plate
carriers and Tactical Games,

the men must meet a 15 pounds or more.

There’s a lot of good ones out there.

5.11 makes a good one,

JP, the Crye Precision,

that’s another good one.

These are probably the top 3
I see at the Tactical Games.

Kinda keep in mind what
you’re getting it for,

what its purpose is.

For me, strictly for Tactical Games.

I am not saving the world in this thing.

I do have regular body
armor plates in there,

you don’t have to have that,

you just gotta have something to acquire

the weight of 15 pounds.

Or 12 pounds for ladies.

And this is what I chose to go with,

just regular armor plates,

but you can do,

I think Rogue makes
some just insert plates

that are just nothing more
but to get your weight

to where it needs to be.

So check ’em out,

if you got any questions
on them shoot me an email.

It’s shoot@shooterssource.com.

I’ll do my best to
respond to all of those.

Try to help you,

guide you in the right directions.

If you’re local,

wanna come check ’em out,

feel free to do that.

Thanks guys, appreciate you watching.

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