The Tactical Games – Team Event

Episode Summary

Jared Halbert from The Tactical Games comes back to discuss the Team Event that will take place August 21-22 at Panthera Training in West Virginia. The boys really get into some great conversation about more than just the team event. Jared really drops some good knowledge bombs throughout the episode. Thanks for listening, share and review on social media! Enjoy!

Episode Notes

1:20 – Basic Details, 6:00 – Format of the Team Event, 11:45 – Story of Jared and Tim, 13:55 – Integrity, 17:00 – Preparation ideas for Practice, 26:00 – Easy entry for newcomers, 31:20 – Programming Parameters, 42:50 – Wacky outcomes cause New Rules, 53:50 – Clear Perspective, 1:02:25 – Team Division goes to Nationals, 1:09:30 – Recap and Random chat.