The Uncommon Mindset

In this episode Jake interviews Brad from The Uncommonline Podcast. This episode is mainly two dudes drinking beer with no intentional direction or topics to chat about. However, we keep coming back to the topic of mindset in many different scenarios in life. Whether you are LEO/MIL, or just a civilian, there is something in this podcast for you that might help you with your mindset in certain circumstances.

Episode Notes

1:00 – Why Brad and Mark wanted to do The Uncommonline Podcast, 4:00 – Sharing Experience via Video, 7:00 – Brittany Mae’s Podcast, 11:00 – New gun owners and how they (might should) train, 15:00 – Social Media today, 19:00 – Jeremy Stories, 24:50 – How often does your team train?, 29:45 – What does ‘Becoming Better’ mean to you?, 35:15 – How often should new officers train? (But really we discuss mindset), 39:30 – How often should new officers train? (Pt 2), 45:45 – Drinkin’ Beer and talking TRIARC Systems, 57:20 – Mindset change in the gun industry, 1:05:00 – Tac-Med, 1:17:00 – Mindset and closing.