Training Multigun

Episode Summary

Training Multigun is an amazing episode for anyone in competitive shooting. Jake and Jeremy chat with Taylor Ohlhausen about how he trains both on and off the range. Taylor gives excellent tips and drills to help you with dry firing at home, stage plans, and all other aspects of 3 gun to help make you more effective at your next match.

Episode Notes

1:00 – About Taylor O., 3:45 – Do you shoot seasonal or year round?, 7:05 – How do you decide what to work on in training/dry fire?, 10:10 – Have you always been super competitive?, 17:45 – What type of training do you do besides dry fire?, 24:15 – Stage Visualization, 37:00 – Mental Game of Golf v. 3 Gun, 42:30 – The carry over of competitive shooting and life, 46:15 – Proper Etiquette, 53:45 – Shotgun drills and skills, 1:04:10 – 2020 Perspective