Women Behind a Gun

Episode Summary

In this episode Mindy and Jake talk about why it is important for women to train with firearms and how Mindy is able to make these ladies feel more comfortable behind a gun. This is great information for both men and women.

Episode Notes

1:20 – What type of classes do you teach?, 4:05 – Why do you like to train women?, 8:35 – What is your average age range of your students?, 10:55 – What are some benefits to taking a class with you?, 14:15 – Where should women carry (on the body)? – 15:55 – Holsters to stay away from, 19:55 – Where should women carry (in public)?,  27:25 – Difference is set up between men & women?, 34:30 – What courses should women take after they have taken yours?, 37:05 – Non-Leathal Courses, 42:00 – Attitude, 46:30 – Training at home.