The Tacmod stock is one of a few stocks that incorporates not only length of pull and cheek rise, but comb and cast too. Partly designed by some the guys at the Army Marksmenship unit, it guarantees proper, consistent cheek placement after you set it up for you. Another cool feature is the multiple QD receivers to mount your sling to.

XLR Tac Mod Stock

Third Party Reviews

Daniel Horner

From the Shooters

“I had purchased this for a precision AR build that’s been put on the back burner for now. I recently purchased the ruger precision rifle, and found myself not thrilled with the stock…stock. I threw this on the ruger and never looked back. I have never felt such a comfortable stock before. The limbsaver pad is like a cloud on my shoulder. Though I’m not using it on a 3 gun rifle, I wouldn’t put anything else on my ruger.”
“I’ve tried all the adjustable precision type stocks on the market. This one is by far my favorite. You don’t wake up one day and say to yourself, “I wish to could cant my butt pad,” but once I started playing around with these types of stocks I became a stock fit snob! The perfect stock fit is so important to great rifle shooting and this stock allows you to take full advantage. My favorite stand out feature of this stock in particular is the comb piece. It allows full contact with your cheek without feeling bulky…and it too is cant-able (yep). The polymer the comb is made of is excellent too (a very thick kydex like material). It feels very positive and secure without being made of steel or being covered in foam. The Limb Saver recoil pad in an excellent touch too in addition to a plethora of QD sling attachment points.”
“I recently purchased this from Shooters Source and can’t recommend it more. It isn’t the cheapest option so I knocked it a little for the price. Having said that, it is ridiculously adjustable and repeatable. There is only one spot for your face so you are either on it or not. The Kydex cheek piece is super thick and feels as stable as any piece of aluminum or steel. Because it isn’t aluminum or steel it doesn’t transmit any sound or vibration to the face. This combined with the included limbsaver and my trusty Silent Capture Spring creates the smoothest ride EVER! Copious QDs round out the package making this my new go to for competition rifles.”
Mark S.

This is hands down the most adjustable/customizable stock available. It’s a little tricky to get set, but once it is, its a perfect fit. I’ve had other adjustable stocks come loose and out of adjustment, this one hasn’t moved in two years of hard use. Even the butt plate is adjustable so you can adjust the cant into your shoulder.


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