This is Jeremy Moore, owner of Triple C Range.

It is with a hurting heart, I must announce that Triple C Range is permanently closed. This is something that has happened over the last few days.

We were engaged in a long term lease with the landlord for a portion of the property. For those familiar with the property, this will hopefully make sense. The portion the range is located on, is solely owned by our landlord (or most of it…more on that in a minute). The front part of the property up to the last cattle guard you cross, which was located at Area A&B is part of a trust, which is why we never shot up there. The trust also controls the use of the road leading back to the range.

 The area from approximately the 700 yard line and further at Area D is on the trust. It was ours and the landlord understanding we were good to have targets on that part of the property. Recently that has been clarified and we can not.

The trust has decided not to accept our proposal to lease the areas mentioned above.Without permission for commercial use of the road, we can’t get to the range and operate a business. There’s no other access other than the road.

This is the only reason we are closing. Any other reason you hear is a lie. I am being as transparent as one can.

This is a matter of oversight by some people and I don’t feel it was malicious or misleading by anyone.

To our Members:

If we debited your card monthly, we have stopped all those recurring charges.

If you paid for the year up front, we will figure out the time left on your membership and will mail a refund check for the difference. It’s going to take some time, but you can expect a check within 90 days.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last several years building the range to what it was. 

The relationships, friendships, community and family that was created is priceless to me.  

Thank you for your business and the opportunity to serve you the last few years.